Sunday, April 26, 2015

Live Life in its Moments

If life is a present than the gift of life is wrapped in pearls of moments. The journey of life is marked and stamped by these beautiful simple savoury moments which makes the life journey a wonderful travelogue on your way to final destination.
“Petrichor”—the smell of first drops of rain when it strikes the parched earth. Have you ever tried to stop and smell it ? I do not know how heaven smells but the moment is heavenly as the smell of a virgin wet earth strikes your senses.
Talking of rain—that  moment when the heaven opens up and you are on your daily laps on the swimming pool, the moment is heavenly as the cold fresh rain drops strikes you and the warm pool water cuddles you from below, or the patter of raindrops on your windowsill when you are in that twilight zone of slipping into deep slumber. Precious savoury moments which makes life living for.
Life is made up of these moments like multicolored chequered pieces of cloth sewn together giving it its own myriad hue and color. Have you cherished that simple moment when the sea water recedes when you are standing on a beach and your foot sinks down on the soft sand-priceless. The first turn of your car key on a Monday morning and the car FM spews out your favorite tune and drives away your Monday blues.Or the moment when your long lost friend suddenly sends you a friend request on your Facebook Account, or your FB posts crosses a century mark, or your Tweet gets retweeted a hundred times.
The simple moment when you come back home and slip into a pair of comfortable slipper into a squeaky clean dry bathroom, or feel the warmth of a sun warmed blanket in a cold wintry afternoon. Or the simple act of sweeping a dew filled garden grass with your bare foot. A simple moment to stop and savour the smell of roasting corncobs on charcoal ,or smell the frehly roasted coffee beans when you enter a coffee joint, or the moment when the smell of the freshly minted pages of your beloved book wafts up to your nostrils as you open the first page . Have you ever seen the diamond ring as an aftermath of a solar eclipse? Not even the beauty of Kohinnor can surpass the surreal beauty of the moment.
One of my best moments of the morning is when you wake up and find the morning alarm is one hour away and you snuggle back into your bedcovers into a  dreamless slumber. A nice massage after a haircut or hammocking away in your garden on a lovely springy day, or seeing your child taking his first step, or getting a surprise voucher from a successful blog . One can go on and on as these small innocuous moments may seem inconsequential, later on one realizes that they were really big things which gave life a meaning to live for.

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