Friday, March 10, 2017

A Space Odyssey

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It was a quiet summer evening when my eight year old daughter was watching the oscar winning movie--"Martian" with me on our home theatre--eyes wide in childhood fantasy and trepidation, and she was filled with umpteen questions about space travel, and therefore it was a boon when i received the cut outs from Colgate and showed it to her as we settled down to explore space through the wonderful paper cut outs.
Her first query about how to go into space as she said as the space is a very lonesome place to be, she would like to take her  friends along with her and would like to swim in the air , and wear new suits before going into that weird airplane and get into the space with her friends. She said she would carry lots of chocolates and maggi so that she does not feel hungry during her space travel. I explained to her that her airplane would be controlled by a number of men sitting with lots of computers in a place called space center. and she would have to underggo training before she can dawn the suit , swim in the air and then graduate as an astronaut before she could board the plane .
As she was browsing the other cutouts of space travel, the international space station, the planets and the comets with the ET she passed into deep slumber and i could see a beatific smile playing on her lips as she went into a wonderful dream of space travel where she hurtled into a wonderful adventure into teh space with her friends as she narrated when she got up fresh as a mint in the morning     
Boom! Zoom! Doom! the sound ruffled through the window pane which by mother had so lightly latched. I was in deep slumber – the muffled warm blanket tucked closely around my neck, fear at first, engulfed me. I knew not what to do as I was scared of some wild animal trying quietly into the darkest of the Night. Instinct however prompted me to look out, lo behold; what was there? An enormous sized machine on wheels and wings. It was a flying saucer – my much awaited dream of such having come true. It lopped and hopped as I entered it. I was in awe. The entrance door clicked shut as I stepped in, buttons clicked at random. Blop! Blop! the buttons beeped. My friends were already in there with their head in bubble suits as i took the seat beside them in front of a blinking console and we hit the beeping buttons in gay abandon as we soared towards the sky. the earth looked a floating tiny speck of blue ball in distant horizon.  As we raced to the space station we passed the smiling sun, hissing comets , and a ball which had multiple rings around like my mother's fingers, which I explained to her was the planet Saturn.
As we reached the space station, we were in a hurry for walking into the space and visit the red ball of a planet which was near the space station, we had our maggies and chocolates , tied a life line and gingerly stepped out in the space-- it was real fun as if we were in a big swimming pool without the water as we gleefully tumbled and somersaulted and got tired. it was time to board the flying machine and explore the red planet near us. we took our rover and the land vehicle and gingerly landed on the red planet.
There were no roads, no traffic it was a huge sandy dessert dotted with gentle hillocks as I passed one i saw a quaint creature, like the one i had seen in "koi Mil Gaya". Huge egg shaped egg dotted with big eyes, a friendly smile on a spaghetti shaped body was ambling along. I was in awe. I got down from my land rover. Was if he? I looked straight into his eyes. It radiated  love and I was love struck. I hugged him, though the diameter of his body couldn’t be embraced  fully. We ultimately bade good bye to him to return to our space station. The stars loomed bright as we passed through. I wished I could touch a star, I wished I could sit on the crown of the shiny star within no time we reached of the fantasy would which I led dream of lay in front of eyes inside the space station. They welcomed us with candy floss. Chocolate dips adorned the fountains of warmth. I dug my teeth/canines into one big bar of temptation chocolate  when the alarm of the morning bell riag my  ears. Where was I ? Where am I ? I opened my eyes – Oh No ! I was in my bedroom. It was my morning alarm ringing. I was dreaming a beautiful dream to be remembered and cherished for a long time of the wonderful space odyssey.