Thursday, July 24, 2014

Black is beautiful.

Black is mystique, Black is mesmerising , Black is ephemeral , Black is beauty and still black has no colour. I like the blackness of the night just before it climaxes to an kaleidoscopic dawn. Black looks as exquisite in a sartorial finery of an evening gown or a tuxedo as it does on the cascading mane of a wild stallion. Black is the colour of the eyes which can kill with ease with their murderous and enticing looks.There is no word to describe the colour black. The Black thoughts of Victor Hugo Classic- Le Miserable or Thomas Hardy s Mayor of Casterbridge makes us realise the value of actual pain, mirth heartbreak or the value of a lovers sigh.Black is like two headed Janus- while one fa├žade may look bottomless, colourless and fathomless the other facade in the deep lies the sublime beauty when you  dive deep into its depths , like a river or the ocean where the jet black water of its deepest part  holds the most exquisite wonders.
A thing of "black' beauty is joy forever. Even in our 'fair & lovely'culture a black skinned ebony beauty with black kohl lined eyes with an overflowing mane resplendent in sartorial black is the cynosure of all eyes.this is my first weakness of anything and everything black.
A sartorial taste for a well tailored black trousers , complemented gracefully by glinting ambassador shoes blossoming under jet black cherry polish with jet black sun glasses and jet black gelled hair as essential accessories is my second fad.Basically I like-"Men in Black" in any parts.
My electronic and electric equipments have become like an inseparable conjugal twin unseparated at birth and in life almost an extension of my arm and its blasphemy if the colour of my smartphone, pad, laptop camera , TV is anything but jet black.
Black is the colour I do not like when it taints the money. The root of all decadency, greed, economic retrogression, social ills and evils are when the colour black seeps into the economy.
Thus black is not only a colour, its a celebration of life. Knowingly or unknowingly it has brought joy, and colour in our life as it has gridlocked itself in every aspect of our daily lives and that is the absolute truth without any shades of grey or white but of absolute unadulterated pure black is the true colour of life..

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